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Movement By Lara: Redefining Yoga

Sep 27, 2019

Can we live without an agenda? I started thinking about this after I was reading from a Buddhist book of philosophy released by Shambhala Pocket Classics. I think that we can all benefit from holding your tongue and not saying what’s on your mind just because you want your opinion to be stated. When you're on the right path, you don't need to prove to somebody else what you're doing. And you don't need to prove to somebody else what they're doing differently is wrong. Too many agendas are being bumped around and we can see what happens when those agendas are not all good or noble, or of service to all. So I think the point here is, if we have any agenda, it should be to do good in the world, to be our best selves and to notice when our need for security and validation in the form of the ego comes up. 


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